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The UC Accelerator is an initiative organized by the Direction of Technology Transfer and Development of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Its main objective is to accelerate the transfer and commercialization of new technologies and inventions developed by researchers of different fields of the UC ecosystem.

The UC Accelerator Program was created within the framework of the “Convenio de Desempeño” (Government Funding) “Creation of a platform of R+D+i to promote and systematize innovation based on science in the UC” of the Ministry of Education. Since its creation in 2014, the program has assigned more than 700 million CLP to support transfer of UC academic research results, assisting more than 20 projects in the fields of biomedicine, astro engineering, education, energy, food and mining.

An important example of the success of this initiative in previous years, is the case of Thyroid Print. It was developed by a team lead by Doctor Hernán González, academic of the Faculty of Medicine UC and consists in a diagnostic test to detect thyroid cancer. The technology has experienced important progress during this period, achieving more than 2 million USD in public and private financial resources.

Pictures of the UC Accelerator Program 2017

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