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What do we offer companies?


UC’s Tech Transfer Office works on bringing high-impact research project outcomes to market and society. 

The Tech Transfer Office manages a portfolio of more than 300 technologies that impact a variety of different industries, including but not limited to the food industry, construction, energy, mining, health and education. Below you will find a description of the services we offer to companies and entrepreneurs. 

Services Available to Companies and Startups

Access to Our Technology Portfolio 

We have an extensive catalogue of innovations developed by UC researchers that are available for licensing by firms, public agencies or other organizations. The 300+ technologies currently listed in our catalogue are in various stages of development and are available to national and international companies interested in licensing. 

Check out our technology portfolio!

Interested in being on a UC innovation panel?

We frequently sponsor panel presentations for industry and public sector representatives where we showcase UC technologies under development. Participating companies and organizations will receive first-hand information on UC developments underway, have the opportunity to provide feedback and even repurpose or redefine the course of action for research that has the potential to make a big splash on their business. 

Specialized Consulting & Training 

Among the services offered by the Tech Transfer Office is the opportunity to design workshops, courses and other types of consulting services customized to meet the requirements of universities, and national and international companies. Our highly trained staff of professionals is prepared to develop programs suited to participants’ specific needs, such as, intellectual protection strategies, technological surveillance, state-of-the-art searches, technology scouting, portfolio assessments, speeding up product or service research results, technology validation and intangible asset transfer strategies, negotiating transfer agreements, etc. 

Direct Line to UC Faculty and Their Research 

Catholic University researchers are well known for conducting scientific research of excellence. Companies can contact the UC Tech Transfer Office where they will be put in touch directly with faculty interested in partnering with businesses wishing to develop their research and impact target markets. 

Application Platform for R+D Funding 

The Tech Transfer Office provides funding for the creation of long- and mid-term consortia and partnerships with private industry, universities and other organizations wishing to carryout R+D projects in specific areas, marrying industry needs with the University’s capacity. 

Take a look at our existing R+D Partnerships

 “From University to Industry” Summer School

Co-organized with Cambridge University, this classroom-based course is designed to bridge the distance between academia and industry by addressing sundry issues related to commissioned research, corporate innovation, intellectual property strategies, technology valuations, etc. The course is held in a classroom setting the second week in January each year for a total of 40 teaching hours.

Visit the course’s website

“Technology Transfer: From the Research Bench to Commercialization” On-Line Course 

Interested parties can access Catholic University’s course platform where they will find the first-ever free, open access technology transfer course in Spanish. The course was designed to provide assistance to anyone interested in turning their research into products or services meant to improve people’s lives, by transferring their technology to private industry or institutions or by forming tech-based startups.

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