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ABCDE Manual for Administering Psychological First Aid

Summary The main purpose of this manual is to provide guidelines for administering Psychological First Aid under various crisis scenarios, in addition to recovering emotional balance while preventing psychological consequences. Designed for use by anyone—not necessarily mental health professionals (i.e., psychologist or psychiatrist)—involved in providing social support during a crisis.  Potential Use Support tool for […]

Alstroemeria Genetic Improvement Program

Summary The main objective of the Alstroemeria Genetic Improvement Program is to obtain new native flower cultivars for the purpose of positioning native Chilean flora on international markets. To this end, the Program has focused on growing Alstroemerias as garden and potted plants, which set it apart from the other varieties currently available internationally—most of […]

Aroma-recovery device for the Wine Industry

Summary Device that recovers aromas that are lost during the wine making process. It can be used to enhance food or to make aromatized beverages such as white wine, red wine, beer and juice.  Potential Use Can be used in the aromatic industry, ingredient, food and beverage industries.  Can change the aroma and flavor of […]

Attention Deficit Diagnostic Test

Summary Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most frequent pediatric mental health problem in Chile and around the world. A timely diagnosis and treatment for this disorder improves the patient’s quality of life and mitigates the disorder’s emotional and social impact. However, the first-line medication (methylphenidate) used to treat ADHD is associated with […]

Bread with tara extract

Summary Caesalpinia spinosa fruit pod (or tara fruit) extract is a natural source of antioxidants that when added to bread has a positive effect on reducing neoformed contaminants such as acrylamide and furan which may have the potential to cause cancer. Potential Use Caesalpinia spinosa fruit pod extract can be added to any baked goods […]

Capullo: Thermoregulating surgical blanket

Summary Designed to reduce the recurring risk of hypothermia, this thermoregulating blanket can be used to fully cover patients (except for the face) before, during and after surgery, and during post-op or postpartum recovery of pediatric patients or newborns. Capullo is connected to an external source of thermoregulated air that inflates and heats the device […]

Carob Tree Extract against Human Pathogenic Yeast

Summary This technological development has created a useful plant-based product suitable for controlling outbreaks of Candida spp. yeast. Candida attacks the skin and soft tissue on human genital organs and mucous membranes and potentially other areas of the body. Candidiasis (or a yeast infection) tends to produce a range of symptoms including redness of skin, […]

Carob Tree Extract for Agricultural Pest Control

Summary This technological development has created a product made from carob tree extract that is effective at controlling Alternaria fungus. Alternaria fungus causes leaf rots and blights on many plant parts in addition to being commonly known a pathogen responsible for root disease and damage that eventually leads to plant death. This innovation consists of […]

Carob Tree Fungicide for Treating Alternaria sp

Summary Fungicide manufactured from natural carob tree leaf extract for controlling Alternaria spp. fungus in plants. This fungus causes leaf spot or blight in tomatoes, potatoes and several other vegetables. Potential Use  Can be used in agriculture to treat vegetables affected by leaf spot or blight caused by Alternaria spp. Development Status  TRL 3. Experimental […]