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About Us


The Tech Transfer Office (DTD)—under the purview of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Research—is the driving force behind applied research at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Our office manages the identification, protection and subsequent transfer of research results.

Our mission consists of promoting the transfer of UC research outcomes with a view to contributing to economic and social development in Chile and around the world.

We want to successfully transfer the results of high-impact studies

Technology transfers are the ticket out of the academic world for inventions that can be used by people who are truly interested in them, whether these are companies, non-governmental organizations or public agencies. Likewise, tech transfers can constitute a considerable source of resources for stakeholders wishing to pursue an innovation or finance future developments.

What type of support does the Tech Transfer Office provide to UC researchers?

Financial Resources: We assist researchers in raising public and private funding so they can turn their ideas into projects that make a difference on society and markets by solving problems.

The tech transfer office has a host of internal awards to finance various stages of the research process including protection, acceleration and transfer of results.

Protecting Intellectual Property

We advise university researchers on how to come up with the best strategy to protect their creations or inventions—either by registering property rights or patenting their inventions and industrial secrets, etc.—in order to lay down clear-cut rules and incentives for transferring and publishing outcomes.

Tech Transfer

Office staff members conduct studies to validate the potential usefulness of inventions and creations with prospective buyers such as companies, non-profits or public agencies. They look for partners who may be interested in implementing the new technologies while also providing support for negotiating terms and conditions and signing transfer agreements.